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Using Green Lux Limited UV lamps to reduce the risk of airborne diseases!

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Facing the threatening spread of Coronavirus,Green Lux Limited developed UV lights to reduce the risk of airborne diseases for hospitals, office, homes, etc.

Using Green Lux Limited UV lamps to reduce the risk of airborne diseases

The proportion of inpatients affected by hospital-acquired infections is about 10%. There is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections are airborne. Ultraviolet disinfection lamps can inactivate microorganisms, thereby helping to create a safer indoor working environment.

Green Lux Limtied disinfection lights for air disinfection provide competitive reliability


Reliable protection is essential

Viruses and bacteria in the air can pollute indoor trapped air and can pose a real health threat to patients and medical staff in hospitals. For this reason, it is essential to provide adequate protection against bacteria and viruses in the air. Green Lux Limited disinfection lights can provide stable reliability, and the proportion of lamps that fail prematurely on the market is also quite low. Therefore, you can ensure that you meet health and safety regulations and focus on the important thing-your patient.

Unique electrode technology to achieve competitive lamp life reliability

Green Lux Limited disinfection lamp is developed based on mature technology, this technology has achieved a breakthrough in the reliability of lamp life. Compared with other disinfection lamps on the market, our disinfection lamps contain two different electrodes. Since only one electrode determines the service life of the lamp, the failure factor during the service life is effectively halved, and a better control over the life span is achieved in an inherent manner. Therefore, Green Lux Limited luminaires are superior to any other luminaires of its kind in terms of lifetime reliability.

Advanced vision system helps maintain high quality of lamps

Using a unique fully automatic manufacturing process for electrode processing and emitter measurement. This process is ideally matched with the patented electrode technology. The vision system performs an optical inspection of the position of the electrodes. During the manufacturing process, all lamps that do not meet the precise requirements will be automatically rejected. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of the lamps.

Reliably maintain UV output through unique pre-coating

This disinfection lamp contains a unique pre-coating to ensure that the UV output remains constant throughout the life of the luminaire and will never fall below 85% of the initial output.



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