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Oval Panel lights finished to a Sweden Client

Oval Panel lights finished by Green Lux Limited to a Sweden Client

Lasted two months
After N times of program testing, it is finally out!
Thank you for your understanding!

Single circuit with 3 strings, 4 in series?
A single circuit with 6 strings, 2 in series?
Single 12 series circuit, 4 parallel connection?
Single 12-series circuit, 2 parallel?
8mm wide or 6mm wide flexible board or aluminum substrate?
1 ounce copper wire or 2 ounce copper wire?
SMD 0.5W 2835 or 4014?

Is the light guide material 3T Mitsubishi PMMA or silk screen PS?

Pressure drop problems, light average problems, light efficiency problems, dark areas, frame tolerance problems, and backplane hole positions are too difficult! ! !

How to solve it?
Guess, guess, guess!

You have a need, I have a plan!
Not perfect, don’t pursue!The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!



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