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LED Surface Mount Downlights

Model CodeNEO-35-SM
Product FamilyNeo-SM
Beam Angle60°
IP RatingIP54
Diameter (mm)160MM
Height (mm)120MM
Input Voltage240V
ApplicationSurface Mounted
Warranty Period3Y
Warranty TypeReplacement
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LED Surface Mount DownLights from Green Lux Limited,


LED Surface Mount DownLights NEO-SM-35 is a dimmable surface mounted 35W LED downlight that features chip on board technology (COB). The single COB is able to emit over 2700 lumens of functional light while the 60° beam spread provides a nice effect at floor level.

LED Surface Mount DownLights NEO-SM-35 is a great option for those looking at an alternative to recessed downlights. The NEO-SM range can either blend in, or feature, as it is available in both satin white or black finishes.

LED Surface Mount DownLights NEO-SM-35 comes complete with your choice of warm white or white LED, dimmable LED driver (with flex and plug), glass diffuser and is backed by Green Lux Limited Three Year Replacement Warranty for peace of mind.


How to install: 


LED Surface Mount Down Lights are a kind of ceiling light that chooses LED as the light source. It is installed in the interior of the room. Because the upper part of the lamp is relatively flat, it is installed close to the roof, like it is adsorbed on the roof, so it is called LED ceiling light.

LED Surface Mount Down Lights features

High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy control, maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly, it is a new generation of cold light source, which saves electricity compared to tube-shaped energy-saving lamps, high brightness, long light projection, good light projection performance, wide operating voltage range The light source can realize seven kinds of LED color changes through the built-in controller of the microcomputer. The light color is soft, gorgeous, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption, green and environmental protection.

Scope of LED Surface Mount Down Lights

LED Surface Mount Down Lights are  suitable for long-term lighting in shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public places.

LED Surface Mount Down Lights product features:

1. The cover is made of acrylic material, with uniform light color, anti-glare and high light transmittance.

2. Built-in power supply for easy installation.

3. Can replace the traditional ceiling lamp.

4. Optional wireless remote control dimming, light control switch, voice control switch, human body induction switch and other functions. The lamp is suitable for public places such as corridors, aisles, toilets, corridors, guest rooms, aisles, toilets and other public places.

Advantages of LED Surface Mount Down Lights

High luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the LED itself has reached more than 130lm / W, so the overall light efficiency of the LED ceiling lamp can already reach 100lm / W. And this efficiency is still increasing every year. It is estimated that by 2020, the luminous efficiency of LED itself will reach 240lm / W. High light efficiency means energy saving. According to the measured results, an 8W LED can replace a 32W ceiling lamp. Electric power can be saved more than 4 times.

long life

The lifespan of LED is 100,000 hours. After being made into a luminaire, it is now actually recognized that the lifespan is at least 30,000 hours. The high-quality ceiling lamp can achieve 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than fluorescent lamps, even if the maximum life The life span of the three primary fluorescent lamps is 10,000 hours, which is also more than 5 times higher.

Mercury free

No ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution.

Healthy and green LED Surface Mount Down Lights is really a kind of lighting fitting with the needs of the times in the era of increasing environmental protection, no mercury and no ultraviolet radiation.



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