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Surface Mount Commercial Downlights

Model CodeNEO-25-SM
Product FamilyNeo-SM
Beam Angle60°
IP RatingIP54
Diameter (mm)120MM
Height (mm)110MM
Input Voltage240V
ApplicationSurface Mounted
Warranty Period3Y
Warranty TypeReplacement
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Surface Mount Commercial Downlights  from Green Lux Limited.

Surface Mount Commercial Downlights NEO-SM-25 is a dimmable surface mounted 25W LED downlight that features chip on board technology (COB). The single COB is able to emit over 2000 lumens of functional light while the 60° beam spread provides a nice effect at floor level.

Commercial Downlights NEO-SM-25 is a great option for those looking at an alternative to recessed downlights. The NEO-SM range can either blend in, or feature, as it is available in both satin white or black finishes.

Commercial Downlights NEO-SM-25 comes complete with your choice of warm white, neutral white or white LED, dimmable LED driver (with flex and plug), glass diffuser and is backed by the Domus Three Year Replacement Warranty for peace of mind.

How to install: 

Precautions for Commerical downlights installation:

1. After unpacking the LED downlight, you should immediately check whether the product is intact. Failures caused by non-artificial or specified in the manual can be returned to the retailer or directly returned to the manufacturer for replacement.
2. Cut off the power before installation, make sure the switch is closed to prevent electric shock. After the lighting is on, do not touch the surface of the lamp with your hands. This lamp should be avoided to install in the place of heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas, so as not to affect the life.
3. Please confirm the applicable power supply according to the number of installations before use. This product is limited to indoor use. Please pay attention to waterproof installation before outdoor to ensure that the installation location can withstand 10 times the weight of the product.
4. The product uses a high-voltage (110V / 220V) power supply lamp cup, it is not suitable to work in the state of frequent power on and off, which will affect its life.
5. Install in a flat place without vibration, swing, or fire hazard. Pay attention to avoid falling at high altitude, collision with hard objects, and knocking.
6. If long-term shutdown, the LED downlight should be stored in a cool, dry and clean environment. It is forbidden to store and use in damp, high temperature or flammable and explosive places




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