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Waterproof LED Panel Lights are Delivered

IP65 Waterproof LED panel lights from Green Lux Limited will be delivered to client from UK.

Waterproof LED Panel Lights advantages
Green Lux IP65 LED panel lamp is designed for applications in dusty or humid environments, which was previously impossible for ordinary LED panels. Designed based on IP65 requirements, it can be installed in wet and dusty places, such as bathrooms, toilets, saunas, bath centers, kitchens, indoor swimming pools, car washes, etc., or in places where intellectual property protection is strictly required in special places. Such as clean rooms, hospitals, operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories, clean rooms, etc.

Green Lux uses LED panel lights to achieve versatility in size and style. They have a standard 300 × 300、600 × 600、1200 × 300 and 1200 × 600 sizes and available in flush and surface mounting styles. Any other size and power can be customized, which will certainly provide greater flexibility, brighter light and greater savings!

Advantages of aluminum radiator: integrated, truly seamless profile, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, and low price. All these characteristics make it the ideal model for making LED panel lights.

Longer life Waterproof LED Panel Lights:
PMMA has excellent weather resistance, higher surface gloss and better high-temperature performance. The screen printing effect is excellent. If you need to print your own logo and lamp parameters, PMMA is preferred.

PMMA LGP has good printability and spraying property, and ideal surface decoration effect process can be made by using appropriate printing technology. Flame retardancy.

Green Lux only uses PMMA light guide plate. It is made of micro structure made of non yellowing materials. It has a long service life. The whole lamp can be guaranteed for 3-5 years.

LED Ceiling Light with Best Driver Waterproof LED Panel Lights
The driver plays a crucial role in the service life of LED lighting, and it is very important to select the driver that matches the lamp and is lit.

When selecting LED driver, the total LED power of each function is the key to determine the topology of LED driver.
Environmental temperature of electronic components, supported diagnostics and safety compliance: such as thermal warning, thermal shutdown, open circuit, short circuit, overcurrent protection, single LED fault, undervoltage and overvoltage on booster, LED temperature monitoring, etc. These are important factors

Green Lux will provide one-stop intelligent lighting solutions. Graffiti, Dali, ZigBee, motion sensors, microwave sensors, daylight acquisition sensors and other dimming methods such as 0-10V and DALI dimming can be customized.


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