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CCT Tuneable Light Panels are Finished and Will be Delivered to UK

CCT Tuneable Light Panels have been finished and are going to be delivered to UK clients.

1、 Technical parameters of CCT Tuneable Light Panels.

  1. Input voltage: ac90-265v
  2. Rated power: 40W
  3. Power factor: > 0.9
  4. Lamp bead: smd2835 240pcs 0.5W
  5. Luminous flux: 3200-3600 lumens
  6. Color temperature: 2800-6500k
  7. Color rendering index: > 80
  8. Service life: > 20000 hours
  9. Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz
  10. Dimming function: 10 pole smooth dimming 1% ~ 100%
  11. Color mixing function: 10 pole smooth color mixing temperature 2800 ~ 6500k
  12. Standby power consumption: < 1W
  13. Remote control distance: > 30m
  14. Working temperature: – 20-40 ℃
  15. Shell material: 6063 aluminum frame + acrylic light guide plate + PS diffusion plate
  16. Product size: 595 * 595 * 10mm control drive power supply: 160 * 50 * 36mm
  17. Shell color: silver or white
  18. Interface standard: external wiring input
  19. Light inlet mode: two side light inlet
  20. Weight: about 3.6kks

2. Descriptions:

(1)The remote control LED lamp system of CCT Tuneable Light Panels adopts 2.4G high-frequency wireless and micro touch key remote control, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, long transmission distance, high air communication rate, stronger anti-interference, higher stability, good response consistency of lamp body and so on; The appearance of the remote controller is fashionable and beautiful, and the function is practical and simple; Adopt the most advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) control technology at present; Radio transmission frequency: 2400-2483.5mhz (2.4G), universal in the world; Remote control distance > 30m.
(2) It has the functions of dimming, color matching temperature, small night light mode and so on. In the remote control range, a remote controller can control countless LED lights, and the synchronization and consistency are very good. Different lights are divided into different groups, up to 4 groups. They are grouped freely and controlled at the same time or separately. After the code matching and grouping of LED lights and remote control system are completed, the wireless control of various functions can be realized; If you want to change the previous grouping, you can clear the code and reconfigure. A remote controller can be matched and combined with countless led remote control lights, but a remote control light can only accept four remote controllers combined with it at most.
(3) There are “full on” and “full off” keys on the remote control. Press the “full on” key to turn on all lights at the same time, and press the “full off” key to turn off all lights at the same time; Adjust the brightness (100% – 2%) and color temperature (3000-6500k) of all lamps through the keys on the “central control panel” (the keys on the ring). The brightness dimming and color temperature selection realize stepless adjustment, making the light more soft and delicate, and the light color change smoothly and naturally; Long press the “full on” key, all lights will be turned to the brightest at the same time, and long press the “full off” key, all lights will be turned to the small night light mode of about 1.5W at the same time. Press the corresponding group key to transfer the control target to the group, and the same various dimming functions can be realized.
(4) The lamps are powered on, and the standby power consumption of each lamp is about 1W. It has the function of state memory (that is, when the lamps are turned off or re turned on after power failure, the lamps will automatically retain the light state before power off).
(5) It has the function of three-stage switch color matching temperature. The color matching temperature function can be realized by controlling the power on and power off of the power switch within 3 seconds. The sequence is warm white – > Natural White – > positive white – > warm white…), It can complete the function of color matching temperature without remote control. For example, after the operation time of turning off and on the light exceeds 5 seconds, the brightness and color temperature before turning off the light will be remembered.
(6) Networking mode: the networking mode can be composed of multiple remote control panel lights. Signals can be transmitted continuously at an interval of 20-30 meters, which can achieve ultra long remote control distance and seamlessly connect control, maintain consistent remote control, have a very good effect, and completely solve the phenomenon of non synchronization in the case of multiple lights.

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