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Our Histroy

Our Histroy

Green Lux Limited

Green Lux Limited was established in 2008 in Shenzhen, China.
We have exclusively been pioneering LED lighting solutions since the beginning of LED technology emerging in lighting applications.

2008-Ambitious beginnings

In 2008, Facing the high development of LED lighting industry,we proved ourselves as the first and strongest player in Chinese Mainland when we successfully developed LED luminaries. This was the first large scale production of LED luminaries in China. Green Lux Limited supplies and delivers products to various locations around the world. Our luminaries are currently lighting up facilities in Europe, North America,Asia,Africa, Middle East etc.

2012-New investment

As a continuation of our international success,Green Lux Limited was acquired in 2012 by a HK based investment company, Green Utopia Limited, who remains the main shareholder to this day.

2013-Production Expansion

In 2013, we moved our manufacturing to WanDa Industrial Park to expand productivity of production of LED luminaries to enter rapidly expanding LED market.
Currently Green Lux has ongoing lighting projects and operations target Asian,European and Northern American market with several product lines.

2019-Movement to New Factory

In Nov of 2019, facing the competition in global market, we are starting our new facilities in TongFuYu Hi-tech Industrial Park.

The new production will enable us to reduce our labor cost,rent cost and provide faster delivery to customers. We still premise as past that we will provide customers a more efficient and seamless service process.

Our most important strength is the technological expertise our employees have acquired over the 10 years of working with innovative technology and sustainable lighting solutions.

All this we have achieved with desire and capability to expand even further. Green Lux Limited is continuing a line of growth in markets and products powered by the trust of its valued customers and the desire to make a difference.

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