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CCT tuneable LED panel lights are packed well for UK clients

CCT tuneable LED panel lights from Green Lux Limited are packed well for UK clients.

CCT dimming led panel light

CCT led panel light is a color temperature panel light, the color temperature is in the range of 2800-6500k, and the lighting effect of the panel light can be adjusted, such as warm, white, and bright white. The led panel light has a built-in Dali dimming power supply and a dedicated wireless remote control. , wireless remote control dimming,

The dimming and color temperature panel is equipped with a 2.4G light source, and the lumen efficiency is up to 100lm/w. The color temperature and brightness can be switched from 30000k to 6000k through the remote control. This solution is a good choice for customers who want to maintain a large inventory. You can buy one item to switch to a different CCT instead of buying 3 color temperature items. It can save your storage cost and purchase cost.



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