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Modular Seamless Linear lights finished and will be shipped to Germany

Modular Seamless Linear lights from Green Lux Limited ,This linear lighting system is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting system, which is widely used in various industrial, commercial and other places. It meets European standards. The domestic market is becoming popular. It is the best solution to replace the traditional T5T8. It has high lumen output. Due to its unique design, tool-less installation can be realized, and the installation does not require bridges and wiring, which can save installation time and labor costs.

Modular Seamless Linear lights of Economical and efficient lighting solutions, suitable for industrial, commercial and other applications; excellent quality, with high lumen output, high luminous efficiency, to meet different needs; convenient installation, easy maintenance, saving labor and packaging costs, and avoiding waste; Intelligent system, support dimming (DALI/1-10V/switch dimming), emergency, sensor and track spotlight. When a power outage or trip occurs, it will automatically switch to emergency power supply. It can work for 1.5/3 hours with Ni-MH battery with high temperature resistance, high efficiency isolation driver, the battery in the lamp is rechargeable, and the components have a service life of 10 years.

Typical scenes: supermarkets • warehouses • specialty stores • exhibition halls • open office areas • production workshops • storage • automobile 4S shops and other indoor lighting.

  1. High popularity
    The advantages of structure and optics make the supermarket environment simple and stylish, with reasonable and comfortable lighting, and outstanding, which wins higher popularity for the supermarket.
  2. The integration of lights, lines and rails, seamless cascading between the tracks, avoids the complexity and mess of the system, and the visual effect is only continuous and uniform light strips;
  3. 4 color temperatures, 7 flexible luminous angles, low glare value, high CRI, with high-grade material lamp housing and optical lens, the luminous effect is full and diverse.
  4. Low power consumption
    High luminous efficiency, 160lm/W, saves a lot of electricity bills for supermarkets; to achieve the same brightness, supermarkets choose lamps with different luminous effects, and the electricity bills vary greatly.
  5. Easy to install
    The cables are pre-placed in the track. The lamp body and the track, and the track and the track are all connected by connectors and adapters. The entire system can be completed by simple splicing, without the need to purchase additional materials for installation, while greatly reducing This reduces the labor cost of cable routing and lamp installation.
  6. Maintenance-free
    With a warranty of more than 5 years and an ultra-low maintenance rate, the supermarket not only saves secondary purchase costs and installation labor costs, but also eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience caused to customers due to lamp damage and maintenance, and enhances the corporate image.
  7. The electrical and optical systems are airtight, and the standard connectors are connected, which completely reduces the point of failure;
  8. High heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area reaches 106cm2/W, which greatly extends the service life of the light source;
  9. The advantages of structure, material and process ensure the overall stability of the system.
  10. Multifunctional
    Three kinds of dimming: 1-10V dimming, panel dimming, DALI system dimming
    Three kinds of emergency: external power supply (generator or UPS), internal battery power supply (emergency battery & power supply), internal + external (simultaneous power supply)
    Two kinds of induction: microwave induction and daylight induction.

Modular Seamless LED Linear lights of Various plug-in tracks and functional modules.
This is a design solution that is more suitable for medium and large supermarket lighting-linear lighting system or LED linear cascade light.
This linear lighting system has the following characteristics:

  1. Energy saving, high luminous efficiency 160lm/W, 3000 square meters supermarkets use our lamps and one-to-two double-tube bracket lamps to achieve the same illuminance, and the number of lamps purchased can be reduced by half. Calculated by 16 hours a day, each kilowatt-hour of electricity can save 430.8 yuan per day, and 155,000 yuan a year;
  2. The installation is simple, and the installation fee is saved. This lamp is modularized at the factory, and the cables are built-in. It can be powered on by simple splicing during installation, and does not require supermarket ceilings and bridges;
  3. Powerful, dimmable, sensory, emergency, and track spotlights can be installed in key lighting areas such as fresh food areas;

System features installation-especially suitable for large-area ceilings with naked ceilings

  1. Province bridge frame, wire material saving, labor saving
    Lamps and lanterns need to rely on integrated wiring designated or reserved locations for installation; wiring first, then install the lights.
    Most of the medium and large supermarkets have large-area bare ceilings, and the wiring usually adopts the installation of cable tray as the cable carrier, and then the method of laying the cables; the lamps are installed and powered by the cable tray.
    Linear track lighting system, which combines the two independent tasks of wiring and lighting installation into one
    In the cabling link, the seamlessly spliced ​​track is equivalent to the bridge, which plays the role of carrying cables, and the cables are pre-installed in the track, so there is no need to pay separately, thus saving the cost of the bridge and the wire; and installing the bridge and laying the cable Compared with the labor cost of cables, the splicing between the tracks is simple and fast; there is no need to lay cables, no workload, and the installation labor cost is greatly reduced;
    In the link of lamp installation, the lamp body and the track are connected through the plug-in position to complete the fixing of the lamp and the power supply. It only takes 10-20 seconds to install a lamp; no manual connection is required, which saves materials, labor and reduces failure points.
  2. Clean and beautiful
    Seamless splicing, the cables are built into the track, there is no exposed wiring, and there are only uniform and continuous light strips in appearance, simple and stylish, neat and beautiful.
    Compared with the “lamp tube + cable tray wiring” solution usually used in a large space environment:
    Save 100% of the branch bridge;
    Save 100% of branch wires;
    Save 100% insulation, fixing and other installation auxiliary materials;
    Save 70% of installation labor;



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