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Commercial Down Lights Deco-20 from Green Lux Limited. 

Model  CodeDECO-20
Product FamilyDeco
Beam Angle120°
IP RatingIP44
Diameter (mm)190MM
Cut-out Size Diameter (mm)160-170MM
Cut-out Size Depth (mm)43MM
Input Voltage200-240V
Warranty Period3Y
Warranty TypeReplacement
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Commercial LED Down Lights Deco-20 from Green Lux Limited. 

We are pleased to announce the arrival of NEW DECO-20 range of LED downlights.

DECO-20 is the latest addition to the DECO range and has been designed as a contemporary cost effective solution to power hungry fluorescent downlights. Suitable for areas such as office spaces, waiting rooms, retail shops and more.

Utilising world leading EPISTAR LED technology and a mains dimmable LED driver gives this downlight unsurpassed performance not seen by others.

Ultra slim housing also makes this downlight suitable for installations where ceiling space is minimal.

Tech Parameters:

Input voltage: 200-240V, 100-277V

Power: 20W                           IP rating: IP44

Lumen: 100lm/W                LED type: SMD2835               CRI: >80/>90

Beam angle (°): 120°           Dimmable: Optional

Life span: 70,000 Hours    Cutout: Ø190-170mm

How to install: 

• The LED down light shall be installed in accordance to Australian/NZ electrical standards.
• The LED down light shall be installed in locations and in conditions as described in the below figure.
• Please make sure all electricity is switched off at the main switch board before any electrical works are
to commence.
• Cut out the hole according to the downlight cutout table.
• The LED driver is supplied with an Australian approved 2pin flex and plug.
• For easy maintenance Domus recommends the use of plug base sockets in the ceiling.
• If you are intending to hard wire the LED drivers please remove the supplied flex and plug from the LED driver.
• When connecting the LED lamp/down light to the LED driver please ensure the connecting plug is
securely pushed in and the connection is not loose.

Commercial LED down lights are products developed and improved on the basis of the traditional downlight using the new LED lighting source. Compared with the traditional downlight, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color rendering and fast response speed.

LED downlight design is more beautiful and lightweight, and can achieve the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration during installation, without destroying the setting of the lamp, the light source is hidden inside the architectural decoration, the light source is not exposed, no glare, and the human visual effect is soft and uniform .

LED downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling under the light. LED downlight is a directional lighting fixture, only its opposite can receive light, the beam angle belongs to the spotlight, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. The object to be illuminated is more prominent, the lumen is higher, and it brings out a quiet ambient atmosphere.

LED downlights are mainly illuminated by diodes. The lifespan mainly depends on the solid LED light source and the driving heat dissipation part. lifespan of LED downlights has reached more than 80,000 hours in 2012. With the continuous research and widespread use of LED technology, the drive In terms of heat dissipation, it has basically reached a relatively ideal state. Compared with ordinary halogen downlights, the life of commercially available high-quality LED downlights basically reaches more than 80,000 hours.




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