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IP65 Waterproof LED Panel Lights are Ready for Delivery to UK Client!

Delivery of IP65 waterproof LED panel lights

IP65 Waterproof LED panel lights are Green Lux Limited‘s unique patented products in China, and we are a leading manufacturer of LED Panel Lights

The reason why our waterproof panel lights can really achieve the IP65 waterproof level is because of our craftsmanship, the waterproof effect is ideal
1) Compared with traditional lamps, the energy-saving rate of Ip65 waterproof LED panel lights is more than 50% higher at the same brightness

2) Ultra-long life, 3 years warranty (average life exceeds 50,000 hours)

3) Instant start, high efficiency and energy saving, no dark area, uniform light effect, no noise
4) Professional circuit design, when a single lamp bead fails, other lamp beads can still maintain the brightness 5) Waterproof panel lamp, does not contain lead, mercury, no harm to the environment and human body

6) Resistant to radio wave interference, free from radio interference

7) LED lamp bead brand: Philips 2835 lamp bead / Epistar 2835

8) Panel light thickness: thin and light design, the thickness of the panel light is only 9mm

9) Aluminum material: 100% aluminum material frame, good heat dissipation, smooth surface design, matte / smooth aluminum natural color / ivory white can be selected

10) Light guide plate: using well-known brands in the industry, imported high-quality particles as raw materials, the light-emitting surface is very evenly distributed, the light is soft and not dazzling, the light transmittance is high, the static electricity is not absorbed, and the dust is not absorbed

11) Diffusion plate: light transmittance 88-90%, excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, strong refraction and electrical insulation, good moisture resistance, anti-static, not easy to absorb dust

12) Power supply: TUV , UL power supply IP65 waterproof rating (other brands of power supply for customers to choose)

13) Color rendering index: 80

14) Overall light effect: conventional 100LM / W, highlight 150LM / W

15) Voltage: wide voltage working AC100-277V

16) Waterproof panel light: adopt environmentally friendly silicone rubber treatment holes and outlets

17) Waterproof panel light process: use the entire lamp to play waterproof glue, and use environmentally friendly harmless silicone rubber treatment holes and outlets, Prevent water from entering the panel light

18) Anti-electromagnetic interference meets the requirements of CE, lead-free, and environmental protection meets the requirements of ROHS.

19) Installation methods: 1, Recessed installation 2, Suspending installation 3, Surface-Mounted installation

The IP65 waterproof panel light developed by Green Lux Limited can be installed in damp and dusty places, such as bathrooms, toilets, saunas, bath centers, kitchens, swimming pools, car wash rooms, etc., or can be installed in special places with strict protection requirements , Such as: clean room, hospital, laboratory, operating room, pharmaceutical factory, etc.

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