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Seamless Linear Light Systems

Model No.Trunking Rail System
GL-CL.6545.T1500.55 Wires (ACL1,ACL2,ACL3,ACN,GND)
GL-CL.6545.T1500.88 Wires (1-10V dimming or DALI dimming)
GL-CL.6545.T1500.1111 Wires=Emergency for central battery system
GL-CL.6545.T3000.55 Wires (ACL1,ACL2,ACL3,ACN,GND)
GL-CL.6545.T3000.88 Wires (1-10V dimming or DALI dimming)
GL-CL.6545.T3000.1111 Wires=Emergency for central battery system
Model No. Beam angle
GL-CL.M1500-60N30°/60°/90°/120° /Double Asymmetric 25°/A symmetric  25° L or R
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Seamless Linear Light Systems from Green Lux Limited.

The seamless design allows for invisibly interconnecting the linear LED fixtures into rows of any desired length without visual interruption.

The seamless linear lighting systems are advantageous in creating a modern, structured ambiance for large, open-plan buildings whereas surface lighting panels are desirable for grid ceiling installations to upgrading and replacing fluorescent troffers. Their versatility in photometric distribution on horizontal and vertical illuminance levels, every commercial building will choose them.

Trunking Rail System
Model No.Input VoltageDimensionTrunking Rail System
GL-CL.6545.T1500.5AC180-240VL1437*W65*H45mm5 Wires (ACL1,ACL2,ACL3,ACN,GND)
GL-CL.6545.T1500.8AC180-240VL1437*W65*H45mm8 Wires (1-10V dimming or DALI dimming)
GL-CL.6545.T1500.11AC180-240VL1437*W65*H45mm11 Wires=Emergency for central battery system
GL-CL.6545.T3000.5AC180-240VL2874*W65*H45mm5 Wires (ACL1,ACL2,ACL3,ACN,GND)
GL-CL.6545.T3000.8AC180-240VL2874*W65*H45mm8 Wires (1-10V dimming or DALI dimming)
GL-CL.6545.T3000.11AC180-240VL2874*W65*H45mm11 Wires=Emergency for central battery system
LED Lighting Module
Model No.Input VoltagePowerBeam angleDimensionLumenCRICCTDim
GL-CL.M1500-60NAC180-240V60W adjustable

to 54W/48W/42W


/Double Asymmetric 25°

/A symmetric  25° L or R

L1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500KNo
GL-CL.M1500-60RAC180-240VL1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500K1-10V
GL-CL.M1500-60DAC180-240VL1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500KDali
GL-CL.M1500-75NAC180-240V75W adjustable

to 68W/64W/59W/

L1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500KNo
GL-CL.M1500-75RAC180-240VL1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500K1-10V
GL-CL.M1500-75DAC180-240VL1437*W65*H27mmMax 160lm/w80Ra3000~6500KDali


Seamless Linear Light Systems are an elegant way to creatively define your environment;
The versatility and free combination make this an ideal choice in many applications;
Seamless Linear Light Systems can be seamlessly connected together for long length;
Seamless Linear Lighting System is easily installed not only suspende but also surface mounted.

Say goodbye to lens gaps and breaks in illumination common in traditional linear runs. With Continua, seamless illumination is possible with a proprietary flexible continuous roll lens that won’t ripple or bow over long lengths. The result is high quality uniform illumination along the entire run length for a truly unique aesthetic.

Known as channel, slot, hidden and linear lighting; the effect is just as striking by any name. Continuous drawn-out lines of light that flow boundlessly between wall and ceiling, weaving and winding where they please.  designed to distribute light perfectly and eliminate dark spots. The end result is an ambient lighting effect, equally beautiful as a soft glowing feature as they are for a high output main room light.





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